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Creative Commons Designation

Content on the Community Media Portal has been funded by the Government of Canada through its Local Journalism Initiative, and is available under a Creative Commons Attribution license.  Others may distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon these stories, as long as they credit the station that has created and owns the story (see "Logos and Attribution", below).


Commenting on Stories on the Community Media Portal

In order to facilitate dialog about the issues that affect communities across Canada, members of the public may also comment on all content posted on the Community Media Portal.


Logos and Attribution

CACTUS, the Fédération and Community Media Portal logos are the property of CACTUS (Canadian Association of Community Television Stations and Users) and the Federation (La Fédération des télévisions communautaires autonome du Québec). All other logos used on the site may be trademarks of groups or businesses partnering with the Community Media Portal and may not be used without the express written permission of the business or organization to which the logo belongs.

The exception to this rule is the logo of the contributing station which appears in conjunction with individual stories. If you download a video or copy a text article from ComMediaPortal.ca i order to republish it, the use of organizational logos associated with content is encouraged; they are displayed to the right of each video. In the event that the logo is not used, there must be recognition of the source material in the end credits, in any story notes where video is being used; and/or verbally at the beginning and ending of each segment which incorporates material sourced from the Community Media Portal.


Prohibited Content

Comments must not contain:

  • illegal content (e.g. hate propaganda)
  • opinion not backed up by a coherent thesis and facts believed by reasonable people to be true
  • advertising content or spam
  • content not related to the individual story being discussed
  • material which is copyrighted by any outside organization or person

All comments are moderated. Comments which do not adhere to these Terms of Use will be removed.  Persons violating these terms of use may be blocked from accessing the site at the discretion of the Community Media Portal Site Manager.


Limitations of Liability

The content on the Community Media site is generated by community media organizations from across Canada with the financial assistance of the Local Journalism Initiative, funded by the Government of Canada, administered by CACTUS in cooperation with the Fédération. Each location contributing individual stories exercises due diligence to ensure the accuracy of the information presented.

Notwithstanding, you agree that your use of the Portal is at your sole risk. You understand and agree that the Community Media Portal makes no warranty or representation regarding the accuracy, currency, completeness, reliability, or usefulness of the content on the Portal, that the Portal or the information contained herein will meet your requirements. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, in no event will The Government of Canada; nor CACTUS; The Fédération, its affiliates, officers, directors, employees, agents, suppliers or licensors be liable to any person for any indirect, incidental, special, punitive, cover or consequential damages however caused, under any theory of liability, including, without limitation, contract, tort, warranty, breach of statutory duty, negligence or otherwise, even if the manager of the Community Media Portal has been advised as to the possibility of such damages or could have foreseen such damages.



You agree to indemnify and hold web designers and engineers, CACTUS, the Fédération, content providers and their affiliates, directors, officers, employees, and agents harmless from and against any liabilities, losses, damages or costs, including attorneys' fees, incurred in connection with or arising from any third-party allegations, claims, actions, disputes, or demands asserted against any of them as a result of or relating to your Content, your use of the Portal or any willful misconduct on your part.

The Community Media Portal is located in the Province of Quebec, Canada and is subject to the laws of that jurisdictions, and all applicable laws of Canada.



The Community Media Portal administrators and affiliated organizations will not sell, trade or share user information with outside organizations or individuals. Any of the information we collect from you may be used to personalize your experience, improve our web site, improve user experience, and send periodic emails. 

The Community Media Portal contains links which take you outside of ComMediaPortal.ca to partner web sites, their Youtube and Soundcloud channels. The developers of the Community Media Portal cannot control this content, and they do not accept responsibility for the contents of outside links.  ComMediaPortal.ca, its staff and contributors will not be liable under any circumstances for any damages resulting from the use of ComMediaPortal.ca or any third-party material appearing on, or linked to, the Portal.


Changes and Amendments

We reserve the right to modify these Terms of Use or policies relating to the Portal at any time, effective upon posting of an updated version of this Agreement on the Portal. When we do, we will revise the updated date at the bottom of this page. Continued use of the Portal after any such changes shall constitute your consent to such changes.


Acceptance of These Terms of Use

You acknowledge that you have read these Terms of Use and agree to all its conditions. By using the Portal you agree to be bound by them. If you do not agree to abide by the Terms of Use, you are not authorized to use or access the Community Media Portal.


Contacting Us

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