Montreal to Plant 500k Trees

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Montreal to Plant 500k Trees

Montreal is planning to plant 500 thousand trees in the city to absorb carbon emissions and make the city greener. Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante said this a part of a mission to make Montreal the greenest city in North America.

Manon Giri from Eco Quarters, a program which promotes eco-citizenship and improving Montreal's environment says that with more changes the planet goes related to climate change, the more vulnerable it becomes – but trees are efficient in reducing environmental impact.

The City of Montreal has also committed to becoming carbon free by 2050 and reducing carbon emissions by 55% by 2030; Implementing carbon sinks, a natural carbon absorber, around the city are also essential. Natural carbon sinks include forests and oceans – so trees are essential in absorbing carbon emissions.

Giri believes this commitment by the city is a good step and a good solution to help city be more resilient.

Giri noted how temperature is increasing with climate change, and that trees provide shade and cool spaces for people and wildlife to rest from the hot sun. 

Eco Quartiers is also responsible for other green initiatives in the city. They are responsible for planting trees, but also reducing consumption of water through allowing Montrealers to exchange their old shower head to a new one that reduces water consumption. 

Giri said it's important to have people interested in how the city should change, adding that the public should be ready and be a part of it so we can try to do this to our best.

Manon said a small way to participate in environmental action can be using reusable bags, but she said it is important to address pollution from transportation in the city.



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Video Upload Date: September 18, 2022

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